Bottle Filling ROI, Cost Savings, and Efficient Production

Advice for improved spending and production cost savings to better equip your company during turbulent times.

Investing in production equipment is a costly capital expense. At ATG, we frequently encounter companies questioning if the machinery is truly worth the investment, especially with the uncertainty in the economy right now. The return on investment calculations ATG presents are undeniably enticing.

The new return on investment calculator of ATG equipment breaks down: wages, hours of labour and employees required for operation. This makes it practical for any company to apply their current calculations and see the potential profit they are missing out on not using the bench-top equipment. This should make the decision a no brainer. A general example is outlined below.

Hand filling 48,000 bottles a month:

- 800 hours of labour per month

Cost per bottle $0.25 and $12,000 per month in labour fees

RoboCAP Filling 48,000 bottles a month:

- 40 hours of labour per month

Cost per bottle $0.025 and $1,200 per month in labour costs

ATG Pharma RoboCAP RL-300 Series.

The metric to highlight here is the total number of hours allocated to filling per month. With hand filling, the team is maxed out on production for one specific product for an entire month. In contrast, automation allows for filling to be completed in a fraction of the time.

From the example of 48,000 bottles taking 800 hours of labour to fill reduced to 40 hours, this is a difference of three weeks’ worth of labour hours. The extra time that becomes available can be allocated for new developments, different product runs, or any other high-leveraging activity your company can invest time into. Additionally, the money spent per month can be reduced in labour cost and invested into other areas where growth potential is feasible.

Consider how the average week at a facility with hand-filling production proceeds. This is strenuous and draining labour as well as slow moving. That system fails to maximize time and employees’ intellectual capabilities because of the rigorous labour required to meet consumer needs. A company’s growth potential is strained as a result.

Do More With Your Time

With the additional time manufactures have as a result of using automated machinery, production time can be used to fill more products. The RoboCAP is the versatile automated machine on the market, unlocking additional production avenues and capabilities all under the same robotic base. The traditional formula of one-machine-per-product is fading as a result. The machine requires different add-ons depending on liquid viscosities, ingredients and packaging that make it incorporate all liquid filling capabilities in one robot.

Leasing Options = Increase Cash Flow

Technical Support and Automated Equipment

In-facility training for assistance with set-up and detailed employee training.

Therefore, at ATG we pride ourselves on having one of the best technical support teams. Customer service is of the utmost importance to us. We offer tech calls around the clock to guide you through any repairs and questions. From set up to support during production, our team is on the phone ready to assist you in any areas needed. Also, we do in-facility training anywhere in North America to ensure your team is trained and set up is completed properly.

Through increased efficiency and strong client support, companies can focus on their core activities, while reducing their labour expense. Thank you for taking the time to read and learn more about the industry of oil filling and ATG Pharma!

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ATG Pharma is Canadian Manufacturer of bench top packaging machines designed for the fast growing and dynamic Cannabis and allied health industries.

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