How to Grow Your Indie Beauty Brands Production

The conflicting position of small batch beauty companies filling products to meet demands of the consumer yet remain niche.

The cosmetics industry is estimated to reach $429.8 billion by 2022. Growth in the industry has been exponential in the past couple years, with increased interest and demand from consumers. Due to the rise in spending on cosmetics and interest in products this has given way for many new indie beauty brands to create unique products and target niche markets.

Indie Beauty Brand Trends

Indie beauty brands often offer specialized products for either a specific consumer or containing alternative ingredients. These small independent beauty brands have changed how big brand cosmetics are advertising and formulating their products. Diversified product strains and ingredients have altered the consumers standard and expectation of skin care and cosmetic products. Indie beauty brands are a key player in this as they were able to prove to the consumer high quality ingredients and targeting specific skin care requirements can collide at a reasonable price.

These indie brands are becoming increasingly popular and hand filling their products will no longer allow them to reach consumer demands. This leads to challenges for small-batch beauty companies because filling is a complicated issue to resolve. Many fully automated filling machines are costly, require frequent maintenance and large batch quantities. We seek to clarify these pain points of filling for small-batch indie beauty brands.

The Pain Point Solutions

Co-Packers & MOQ

Outsourcing filling requirements is a popular option. However, the MOQ can be steep when outsourcing. Depending on your sales, the product, and storage space, these can be difficult to meet without your product expiring before it reaches the consumer. For co-packers, small batch orders are found challenging / costly due to batches being too small to run through their fully automated machines, which leads to them declining smaller orders.

Production Flexibility

Traditional filling equipment is often designed for one type of product line. This formula does not adapt well to the cosmetics industry as new product innovations are consistently occurring. The increase in consumer demand has led to indie beauty brands urgency to remain ahead of trends and stay inventive. More units are in demand than ever and new formulas being added cannot be supported through the one-machine-per-product construct.

Exploring Hand Filling Vs. Automated

If you are seeking to fill less than 25,000 units per week hand-filling may advertise itself as the best filling option. However, there are automated and manual filling machines that will decrease labour time and reduce strenuous manufacturing labour. By relying on automated filling equipment indie beauty brands can reduce time in production and invest time into other high-leveraging areas of your company. So, although fully automated machinery may have historically been advertised for large batch filling needs, this is no longer entirely true.

Technical Support

Finally, many automated filling machines are complicated, expensive, and large. Without advanced operators or technical support these machines can break down easily and result in indie beauty brands returning back to hand filling after purchasing a filling machine with a high price tag. It is important to purchase equipment you are comfortable with and feel that you are in control not the machine. Technical support is of huge importance so if there are any issues during production you are able to contact the manufacturer and trouble shoot the issue immediately without stalling production. We want to accelerate production not further complicate the system.

Similarities of CBD and Cosmetics Production

After experiencing great success in the cannabis space ATG has noticed great crossover of CBD and cosmetics. The incorporation of CBD and hemp derivatives into skincare and cosmetic products has led to an easy transition into the cosmetics space. With the versatile machine on the market, ATG can offer filling for indie beauty brands for a variety of products. Whether the product requires heating for thick shea butter creams or mixers for serums to stay emulsified while filling. What can be offered is the assurance that product will not be wasted or have inconsistencies during production and filling, reducing human error. Additionally, transitioning from filling creams, to oils, to serums can be done within five minutes of machine clean out.

Leasing Options

Finally, a new opportunity ATG is offering to new and existing clients is leasing filling equipment. If the capital expense of purchasing filling equipment out right is too great, leasing is an amazing opportunity for small indie beauty brands gain access to the equipment. With lowered monthly payments, consistent support, and the same reliable filling capabilities that reduces the cost of filling even further from other filling options on the market supports your company’s growth in the beauty and skincare community.

ATG RoboCAP Filling Tincture Bottles

It can be difficult to invest a large amount of capital into any kind of filling equipment to find out there is no demand for certain products and therefore, time and money is wasted. Keep complete control of your production and continue to thrive with the growing cosmetics industry.

Through increased efficiency and strong client support, companies can focus on their core activities, while reducing their labour expense. Thank you for taking the time to read and learn more about the industry of oil filling and ATG Pharma!

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