Hand Sanitizer Filling— How To Increase Production

Due to global hand sanitizer shortages, ATG seeks to help increase production capabilities with local distilleries and clients across North America.

Hand sanitizer has been one of the most in demand products since the global spread of COVID-19. Leaving store isles empty of soap and sanitation products, COVID-19 has struck the sanitation business hard and producers are no longer able to keep up with the increased consumer demand.

Hand sanitizer requires 60% alcohol, so it is not recommended for home-made hand sanitizer to not be of regular use as the alcohol content will not be high enough to effectively protect against COVID-19. Industrial strength hand sanitizer is most effective in times of such concern regarding personal hygiene. The FDA requires that producers use pharmaceutical-grade ingredients such as ethanol or isopropyl alcohol in an aqueous solution.

Responsively, many distilleries and brewers have refocused their manufacturing efforts to produce hand sanitizer for the growing demands of the community. The licensing required to transition from alcohol production to hand sanitizer requires three NHP Site Licenses that generally take 90 days to acquire, that are now being expedited in only 2–3 days to assist the increase of manufacturing capabilities.

Distilleries, Brewers of similar companies can begin creating a hand sanitizer product by;

  1. Registering your ethanol or isopropyl alcohol hand sanitizer to obtain a natural product number (NPN).
  2. License your distillery as a Health Canada site license to manufacture hand sanitizers.
  3. Submit a Specially Denatured Alcohol Registration to the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (CCRA).

A local distillery in heart of the Distillery District downtown Toronto, Spirit of York, has taken part in refocusing their production to hand sanitizer. Their bottles of hand sanitizer are being sold for $3 each, and all the proceeds are going to local food banks.

Spirit of York Hand Sanitizer

With many local distilleries transferring their production to hand sanitizer, ATG wanted to do our part in helping to support the community. ATG and Spirit of York have collaborated and ATG has donated a few ML-1 systems and a custom RoboCAP to support efficient, sterile production of hand sanitizer, with the goal being to help the distillery bottle more product, faster.

Production of hand sanitizer at Spirit of York has increased from 1,000 bottles per day to capabilities now reaching over 10,000 bottles per day.

Local hand sanitizer production supports the health and safety of surrounding communities’ citizens, and we believe it is our duty to support each other where we can. Purchase hand sanitizer from your local distillers if it is available to you.

Distilleries that are not able to manufacture hand sanitizer themselves have donated large quantities of access alcohol they have from their distilling process to local third parties producing hand sanitizer.

Hand Sanitizer Filling with ATG RoboCAP RL-300 Series

For any other manufacturers filling hand sanitizer or sanitation products, ATG is here to support with multiple solutions and help. ATG has also been working closely with companies such as Quality Smart Solutions and Quality and Compliance to help obtain the three required licenses from Health Canada listed above.

Additionally, existing clients with a RoboCAP filling system have the opportunity to pivot their production to focus on hand sanitizer filling. ATG has made it a main priority to offer any free tech support to demonstrate how you can re-calibrate our equipment to fill hand sanitizer, as well as expedite any equipment to any companies involved hand sanitizer production or manufacturing product to support their local communities.

Public health officials would like to remind the public that the best way to prevent the transfer of COVID-19 is from thorough hand washing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Stay safe and help where you can.

Thank you for taking the time to read and learn more about the industry of filling and ATG Pharma! Take care and stay safe.

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