It’s no secret cannabis-infused gummies have quickly become one of the most popular products in the industry. With the influx of consumer demand, manufacturers need to be equipped with the proper machines to accurately fill and package their products. Before starting your cannabis gummy filling production, consider these five steps to ensure you are getting the most out of your production line.

1. Growth with your Supplier

There are many options when searching for filling equipment, but not all of them are in your best interest. Consider who you are choosing as your machine supplier. Do they have industry experience? Will they provide you with…

ATG Pharma is now offering financing options for our state-of-the-art equipment.

During these challenging times, we understand budgets are essential for businesses to manage their money. However, at ATG, we believe this doesn’t mean you need to compromise your equipment quality. That is why we’re excited to announce our new partnership with Bloom Financial Services to offer customized financing plans for small companies looking to grow their production. Wondering if financing is the right decision for your business? With this partnership, we hope our clients can continue to improve their competitive advantage with flexible payment schedules. …

ATG Pharma is pleased to announce it has signed a partnership with Evolve Ltd, as a European distributor.

Evolve is a Malta-based company that provides custom-made solutions for new lab supplies or specialist scientific equipment. Their international customers include major pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, universities and public laboratories. Building on Europe’s estimated growth potential, this partnership provides ATG Pharma a solid base to expand in both the European and global cannabis market.

In 2018, Malta enacted legislation that allows provisions towards local production of cannabis for medical and research purposes. Following the legislative amendments, licensed medical practitioners can prescribe cannabis-based products…

At ATG Pharma we care about our clients and providing the solutions to support their growth. We had the opportunity to speak with Head of Lab and Alternate QAP, Priyanka Nalawade from Adastra Labs regarding their growing production numbers after purchasing one of our robots.

Adastra Labs located in British Columbia offers white labeling services and consultation for brands looking for instant solutions. In July 2020, Adastra purchased the Single nozzle RoboCAP RL300.

Originally starting with the single nozzle, Adastra is now in the process of purchasing the second nozzle for their existing RoboCAP. …

In a professional environment where social distancing guidelines restrict operator movement, bench-top automation is the most efficient and cost-effective solution to optimize your filling production while prioritizing operator safety.

ATG Pharma is a Canadian manufacturer focused on providing cost-effective solutions for filling production and packaging in the Cannabis and Cosmetics industries. The RoboCAP, ATG Pharma’s signature product, was designed to optimize the filling process for bottles, cartridges, capsules, creams/lotions, candies/confectionary, and balms. ATG’s engineering team designed three distinct filling systems (Pneumatic, Peristaltic, and Volumetric) tailored to optimize production for each specific product.

Standard automated filling machines are overpriced, and ordering…

How to Reduce Leaking, Oxidization, and Operating Costs, While Creating a Safe Work Environment in a Post-COVID World

Market Growth in Press Down CR Vape Cartridges

According to a 2018 research report by Grand View Research, a market research group, the global vape cartridge market size was valued at USD $571.1 million. Perceived as a healthier alternative to smoking, vaping and the vape cartridge industry continue to grow stronger/hold market share once solely dominated by big tobacco. As the Cannabis industry matures and involves more regulator activity from both state and federal levels, producers and consumers will need to continue focusing on and addressing safety concerns and following proper regulated production practices. As for Vape Cartridge production, Press-down capping methods will become the norm as they…

Due to global hand sanitizer shortages, ATG seeks to help increase production capabilities with local distilleries and clients across North America.

Hand sanitizer has been one of the most in demand products since the global spread of COVID-19. Leaving store isles empty of soap and sanitation products, COVID-19 has struck the sanitation business hard and producers are no longer able to keep up with the increased consumer demand.

Hand sanitizer requires 60% alcohol, so it is not recommended for home-made hand sanitizer to not be of regular use as the alcohol content will not be high enough to effectively protect against COVID-19. Industrial strength hand sanitizer is most effective in times of such concern regarding personal hygiene. …

The conflicting position of small batch beauty companies filling products to meet demands of the consumer yet remain niche.

The cosmetics industry is estimated to reach $429.8 billion by 2022. Growth in the industry has been exponential in the past couple years, with increased interest and demand from consumers. Due to the rise in spending on cosmetics and interest in products this has given way for many new indie beauty brands to create unique products and target niche markets.

Indie Beauty Brand Trends

Indie beauty brands often offer specialized products for either a specific consumer or containing alternative ingredients. These small independent beauty brands have changed how big brand cosmetics are advertising and formulating their products. Diversified product strains and ingredients have altered…

Advice for improved spending and production cost savings to better equip your company during turbulent times.

Investing in production equipment is a costly capital expense. At ATG, we frequently encounter companies questioning if the machinery is truly worth the investment, especially with the uncertainty in the economy right now. The return on investment calculations ATG presents are undeniably enticing.

The new return on investment calculator of ATG equipment breaks down: wages, hours of labour and employees required for operation. This makes it practical for any company to apply their current calculations and see the potential profit they are missing out on not using the bench-top equipment. This should make the decision a no brainer. …

It’s not the size of your machine that matters, it’s what you can do with it.

In a new age of endless consumer choice, manufacturers and producers are finding it extremely challenging to keep up with the large variety of different products that consumers are demanding. As an example, the simple time of Budweiser for the Beer Industry, is now replaced by demand for Craft Beers, Ciders, Low Calorie Mixers and now Cannabis Infused Beer, to name a few. We can also find this trend in the Cosmetics Industry, Natural Health Products Industry and now especially in the Cannabis Industry. …

ATG Pharma Inc.

ATG Pharma is Canadian Manufacturer of bench top packaging machines designed for the fast growing and dynamic Cannabis and allied health industries.

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