5 Things to Know Before Starting Your Cannabis Gummy Filling

It’s no secret cannabis-infused gummies have quickly become one of the most popular products in the industry. With the influx of consumer demand, manufacturers need to be equipped with the proper machines to accurately fill and package their products. Before starting your cannabis gummy filling production, consider these five steps to ensure you are getting the most out of your production line.

1. Growth with your Supplier

Let’s face it. There is always a learning curve and programming involved with machines. Having a readily available supplier for technical support calls, virtual demonstrations, and training opportunities provides the assurance you need to feel confident with your purchase. Nothing is worse than the excitement of receiving your equipment, stalled by lack of training and operation directions. Not to mention downtime costs.

2. Capital/Expenses

A new production line like gummies is exciting, but most companies do not know their demand yet or the number of product SKUs they may have. Businesses should consider starting their production with machines that provide versatile and economical solutions. A hidden cost to gummy product is the ancillary items you need in your kitchen. Have you considered what trays to use? While traditional aluminum trays are popular, there have been new innovations that drastically cut costs and time to your filling production.

In addition to being more economical, stackable cooling trays are designed to increase production outputs. These trays fit two “half pan” gummy molds perfectly and also fit directly onto an automatic depositor. No longer forcing production operators to wait for the product to set, you can now remove the tray and allow it to cool while the following is filled. The production no longer needs to stop after each deposit.

Here are a few points to consider for comparing Traditional Pans and Racks to Self-Stacking Cool Trays

Traditional Pans and Racks disadvantages:

  • Aluminum oxidation stains and blackens hands
  • Stainless steel is hefty and expensive
  • Metal pans are loud, denting, can lead to sharp edges and very uncleanable
  • Racks are heavy, bulky and limited to their stacking height, wasting your cooler and curing room spaces
  • Since 2013, Aluminum as food production, utensil and cooking surface has been limited and even banned among 6 EU countries, including Germany, in consideration of neurotoxicity and potential connections to breast cancer, dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. While these studies carry conflicting evidence, many nations are now proactively avoiding Aluminum as food contact, cooking, or utensil as a precautionary measure.

WRH Cooling Trays advantages:

  • Self-stacking design with locking corners for faster stacking, handling and mobility
  • The exclusive non-stick polymer has been specifically formulated for pharma/candy production
  • Does not crack, chip, rust, or dent with a 5-year warranty against breakage
  • Made in the USA from our FDA grade alloy polymer that can be sanitized at 180F, autoclave or even steam sanitized
  • Airflow open sides and optional vented bottom deck for up to 50% faster cooling/drying times
  • Up to a 70% space savings over pans and racks (can stack trays to ceiling height)
  • NSF listed sanitary design features radius corners, no hard to clean crevices, fins or rolled edges
  • 4 popular height trays featuring 2.5", 3", 4" or 5" stacking heights and optional vented deck or solid bottom design

3. Upgradability and Scale

4. Precision and Deposit

5. Space

If you’ve found value in the steps above, you can learn more about flexible filing solutions here. Book a free demo to see these lean and versatile machines in action, or speak with a trusted, experienced technical sales rep to get your gummy filling started today.

ATG Pharma is Canadian Manufacturer of bench top packaging machines designed for the fast growing and dynamic Cannabis and allied health industries.